Capt. Isaac Johnson

Male, #439, (11 February 1615/16 - 19 December 1675)
     Capt. Isaac Johnson was christened on 11 February 1615/16 in St. John the Baptist Church, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England.1,2,3,4 He was the son of Capt. John Johnson and Mary Heath.5,1,2,6,3,4 Capt. Isaac Johnson emigrated with Capt. John Johnson on 6 April 1630 from London, England.5,1,2,6,4 Capt. Isaac Johnson became a freeman on 4 March 1635 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.6,4 On 20 January 1636/37 Isaac, at age 20, married Elizabeth Porter, at age 25, daughter of Adrian Porter and Elizabeth Allott, in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.5,1,2,6,3,4 In 1645, he was a member of the Artillery Company.6,4 On 13 June 1653, he was elected Captain.6,4 On 30 September 1659 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, Capt. Isaac Johnson was mentioned in the will of Capt. John Johnson.5,7,1 Capt. Isaac Johnson served in 1671 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, as a Representative to the Massachusetts General Court.6 He left a will on 8 March 1673 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts,

The Last Will and testament of Captain Isaac Johnson of Roxbury this 8 of March 1673 I haveing my perfect memory and understanding first I committ my Soule to God in Jesus Christ, Secondly I committ my body to my beloved wife and children to be decently buried. Thirdly I doe dispose of my worldy goods as followeth -- my debts and funerall charges being discharged my will is that Elizabeth my beloved wife Shall have all my moveable goods except my apparrell at her owne dispose and the houseing and Land during the time of her Naturall life and after her decease my will is the houseing and Land bee divided betweene my fower children my son Isaac or his heires to have double portion and Soe the portion of the rest to goe to theire heires that is in case my immediate Children any of them be dead before they come to Injoy there portion.

Also my will is that my Beloved wife bee Sole Executrix of this my last will and I request my Brother Edward Porter and Cozen John Weld to bee Overseers of this my Last will, my will is that all my weareing apparell be divided betweene my sonne Isaac and my sonne Nathaniell my sonne Isaac to have two shares or a double portion of my sd apparrell. Witness my hand this 28th of June One Thousand Six hundred Seaventy five.

                              Isaac Johnson Senior

Mr. Jno. Weld and Sammuell Craft appeared before Symon Bradstreet Sammuell Danforth and Edw. Tyng Esqrs. this 10th of febr. 1676 made oath that being will acquainted with the alte Captain Isaac Johnson and his hand writing that verrily believe and Judge that the above sd whereto his name is Subscribed is all his owns handwriting this thus deposed as attests.

          ffreegrace Bendall, Recorder

          Thomas Davenport and Edw. Tyng )Esqrs. Boston 10th
          Presnt Symon Bradstreet )of febro. 1676.1

He was killed while leading his company across fallen logs to assault the Indian fortifications in the "Great Swamp Fight" of King Philip's War on Thursday, 19 December 1675 at age 59 years, 10 months and 8 days.5,1,2,6,3,4 Isaac's will was proved on 10 February 1676 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.1

Children of Capt. Isaac Johnson and Elizabeth Porter


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